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Sweating to the Beat: 5 EDM Artists to Help You Get in Shape

If you're looking to drop ten pounds for summer, now seems like a great time to start hitting the gym. If you're one of the many that don't do well left to their own devices, then you'll probably want to be part of a workout group.

If you've never been before, though, you're about to learn one of the unfortunate truths of working out: 90 percent of the time, the music sucks.

Unless you're one of the rare people who end up in a hip gym, you'll probably find yourself sweating to bad remixes of '70s tracks or burned copies of the Biggest Loser Workout Mix.

It shouldn't have to be this way. Music is supposed to motivate us to work harder, not make an already difficult task worse. We deserve a better class of workout mix.

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