SXSW 09 Will Be a Groover's Paradise

A few weeks ago, Rocks Off could barely contain his enthusaism when he opened the mail - a momentous enough occasion in itself - and found an advance of Vanguard Records' Keep Your Soul: A Tribute to Doug Sahm. He put it on as soon as he got home (his piddly office CD player is just not groovy enough to handle such a disc), and was hardly disappointed.

Whether it's ex-Afghan Whig and current Gutter Twin Greg Dulli growling "You Was for Real," Dave Alvin's kinetic honky-tonker "Dynamite Woman," Ry Cooder and Wille G (of '60s Latino rockers Thee Midnighters) chicken-scratching "She's About a Mover" or Shawn Sahm's spot-on rendition of "Mendocino" - with both his and his dad's bandmate Augie Meyers on that immortal Vox organ - this one's for real all right. 

As you can see from the poster, SXSW is hardly going to let the release of Keep Your Soul go unheralded. Every day, in fact, brings some sort of Sahm-related event. Rocks Off plans to go to as many as possible, of course. In fact, this has aroused feelings in him he thought were long gone - namely, he's actually looking forward to going to SXSW again. Thanks a lot, Sir Doug!

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Keep Your Soul will be released March 24.

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