SXSW 2012: Our Inner Monologue (Day Two)

If you are here in Austin for SXSW you know that this place has just devolved into free cereal, Doritos, and Red Bull on the streets, which are bathed in lasers from the tops of buildings. Plus there are screaming humans of all ages, races, sizes, and creeds on the streets almost 20 hours a day. Where do they all park, and Jesus, when and where do they all sleep?

Of course I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world right now, and neither would the other Rocks Off staff here these few days. We get to sleep in a clean bed with dry towels nearby if we so wish to clean our bodies.

Last night I ran from a three-hour Bruce Springsteen show over to the Main off Red River to catch Skrillex, which I am not ashamed of in the slightest. That's how SXSW do.

As I said yesterday, sometimes the things you see cannot be tweeted or said out loud. But for us, they must be set free onto the public. No matter how ugly they are. Wink.

"Where do you get wooden eyeglass frames?"

"Next year that there will be no badges or wristbands but only tattooed bar-codes on your palm. I'm cool with that."

"Ill-fitting pink jeans, crocheted man-purse, tightly-faded Hitler Youth haircut, and standing with his ass clenched in a stylish manner. He makes three times a year what you make and no one asks him to ever wear a condom."

"Boob Sweat: It's not just for ladies anymore."

"Is Skrillex the new Jack White, or is Jack White the proto-Skrillex? I taste metal in my saliva..."

"Andrew WK is the Danzig of partying. He loves partying as much as Danzig loves evil, death, and French onion soup."

"If you wanted to hear Bruce do "Born In The U.S.A." so bad live fuck you buy a time machine I hate you so much."

"Yeah seriously these lasers have to stop. I feel like I am covering a music festival in Tron or some shit."

And here is a young band literally pulling their trailer, since they couldn't drive their van directly up to the venue. And people say the kids don't care about anything but Nintendo and jerking off.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.