SXSW Aftermath: M For Montreal, M For Marvelous

Following a rousing early afternoon of day parties, one filled with the work of from Mathias Aguayou, Yellow Fever, and others,. Aftermath spent the rest of our day chasing down even more music (because isn't that the point of SXSW)? At The French Legation Museum, we experienced the bittersweet, '60s-inspired goth-pop of The Dum Dum Girls, the haunting melodies of Holly Miranda, and the reverb-laden (and hipster-certified) pop sounds of The xx.

From there, we marched ourselves over to the M For Montreal Showcase, which proved to be one of the more prescient decisions we've recently made. 

In a rare case of the bill actually describing the music we were to hear, the denizens of Paradise were treated to the following (and highly exciting) bands: The bright pop tones of La Patere Rose, the crisp Spoon-meets-Wolf-Parade feel of Lovely Feathers, the dramatic indie-punk of Parlovr, the insanely theatric art-rock of Duchess Says, the relevant dance-rock of Think About Life, and '80s-flavored synth-rock of We Are Wolves.

A couple of these acts (Duchess Says, to be specific) so impressed us that we're going to be shifting our itineraries a bit so that we can make time to see them again.

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Adam P. Newton
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