Vivian Girls
Vivian Girls
Photos by Adam P. Newton

SXSW Aftermath: Shaking Off Winter With Vivian Girls, Broken Records, husband & wife And Duchess Says

Much like ACL 2009 will be remembered as the "Rain and Shit-Mud Year," Saturday at SXSW 2010 is sure to be marked as the day when Winter decided to spit on Austin in the middle of March. As opposed to the blue skies and nice breezes that we enjoyed earlier in the week, we're not sure that temperatures ever creeped above 45 degrees all day long, and the 20-plus mph winds didn't help matters much.

That being said, Aftermath still found a way to enjoy a solid slate of bands throughout the day, simply by finding decent lineups at a couple of good parties and remaining out of the cold as much as possible.

A Snow Patrol with teeth: Scotland's Broken Records
A Snow Patrol with teeth: Scotland's Broken Records

Highlights included seeing Vivian Girls play an intimate, stripped-down set for about 45 people at Cheer Up Charlie's, enjoying the multilayered Scottish rock of Broken Records (as in a rollicking Snow Patrol with teeth), watching husband & wife spread its formerly wispy indie-pop wings into full-blown Midwestern rock at Shakespeare's, and having the overactive electroclash of Duchess Says rock our socks off once again.

Yeah, we were cold; yeah, it was kinda miserable at times, but damned if a great slate of music can't defeat the elements.

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