SXSW As It Happens: Antlers Go Down In Flames, A Bait And Switch At Red Fez And A Lawn Made Of Weed?

Adam P. Newton, 3:04 p.m.:

"I'm here at Red Fez, ready for No Age."

Craig Hlavaty, 3:05 p.m.:

"Huge ass line for Dillinger Escape Plan at Red 7 day party. I may just have to come home early to see them at Wired Live on Sunday night."

Newton, 3:29 p.m.:

"The Finger on the Pulse DJs are providing good neo-soul bumper music."

Hlavaty, 3:06 p.m.:

"Nothing better than telling a line full of people at Encore that all the free food is gone. Womp womp."

Brandon K. Hernsberger, 3:06 p.m.:

"I think this place has a lawn made of weed."

Newton, 3:09 p.m.:

"Never mind - the bill is jacked up. It's Best Coast, a beached-out guitar-and-drums duo."

Hernsberger, 3:10 p.m.:

"Antlers were PISSED. Kick drum broke, they had to leave early."

Hlavaty, 3:11 p.m.:

"And we are at an auto garage watching Los Growlers. Man in a Marilyn Monroe wig. Black Lips type stuff."

Newton, 3:13 p.m.:

"And the band pulled a fast one on the crowd - they now say they're Eternal Summers. Onstage trickery for funsies isn't cool."

Newton, 3:15 p.m.:

"What makes it worse is that it's wholly average lo-fi beach-pop. The post-punk undertones don't help."

Newton, 3:18 p.m.:

"Even worse - this place is filled with dirty hipsters, including a chick in a serape."

Newton, 3:23 p.m.:

"Well, THAT was easy to leave. I might return later when No Age actually plays."

Brittanie Shey, 3:30 p.m.:

"Fuuuuuuck. Finally here. Parking at Zilker, riding bikes to 6th. Gonna try to hit up Kill Rock Stars party, then head to NAIL distro party on 7th. Sorry for mechanical difficulties. Mother effer."

Newton, 3:33 p.m.:

"I'm now at the Jackalope for TGE Anodyne/Record Machine day show."

Hlavaty, 3:33 p.m.:

"Sitting next to Ceeplus like I'm a DJ. I could rock this."

Dan Oko, 3:34 p.m.:

"Still at Legation. I'll go snap a shot of Real Estate, a Sirius/XM indie staple - the buzz here is the XX. Scheduled for 6, probably later."

Newton, 3:41 p.m.:

"Typically fey hipster attempts at blue-collar apparel are running rampant at the Jackalope."

Newton, 3:47 p.m.:

"The TVs here are playing March Madness games, Turner Classic Movies and Barclays Premier League. TVs + DJs + Band sound check = sensory overload.

Newton, 3:51 p.m.:

"Cowboy Indian Bear is now playing at Jackalope."

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