SXSW As It Happens: Missing Alex Chilton, German Dubstep DJs, J Mascis Stuffing His Face...

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Welcome back to Rocks Off's minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour breakdown of SXSW's afternoon parties and activites as they happen (almost). Today we've got human Energizer bunny Craig Hlavaty back for more abuse, and we're happy to have Dan Oko, Jonas Brothers hater Brandon K. Hernsberger and Dryvetyme Onlyne's Adam P. Newton joining him. (We're sure he is too.) Brittanie "Magnolia City Mixtape" Shey is en route, delayed but not detained by a flat tire. But enough with the intros. Here they go... Craig Hlavaty, 12:01 p.m.: "Talking shop with Andrew Dansby." Adam P. Newton, 12:01 p.m.: "I'm here at Parkside for Wunderbar. German DJs FTW!" Hlavaty, 12:08 p.m.: How dare they put Flatstock and a record show next to each other." Hlavaty, 12:13 p.m.: Heading into the industry tradeshow to perpetrate lies and not use an iPhone." Hlavaty, 12:21 p.m.: "Small shrine to Chilton at the Memphis music booth. Playing videos and whatnot. People are still so stunned by his death last night." Newton, 12:23 p.m.: "Seriously, most of the chatter is in German. I'm just here for the dubstep, courtesy of Tobias Thomas." Newton, 12:30 p.m.: "Classic 'fancy' day party feel - lots of talking while no one pays attention to the tunes." Newton: 12:32 p.m.: "The DJ is attempting to play great grooves, but he's realized that people aren't here for him." Newton, 12:37 p.m.: "I could care less about the food and networking. I only RSVP'd for this soiree because I dig Kompakt artists." Dan Oko, 12:37 p.m.: "At this morning's keynote address, SXSW brass pretty much dedicated the conference to Alex Chilton. Details are hazy, but I'm guessing Saturday will feature a big ole Big Star tribute." Newton, 12:39 p.m.: "Incidentally, the food today is provided by Bar 25 (out of Berlin). Newton, 12:42 p.m.: "It's about damn time. Tobias Thomas is finally breaking out the vinyl." Hlavaty, 12:45 p.m.: "So there sits J Mascis, being all grizzled. No pic though. He was eating." Hlavaty, 12:58 p.m.: "Sweet. Only 100 people in the booze line at Paste's day show. Womp womp."

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