SXSW: Bavu Blakes at the Mohawk

Sorry, but Bavu Blakes is kind of a dick. I was super psyched to see the Austin hip-hop performer at the Mohawk with a full-on band, complete with backing soul singers, but he just came on and immediately started bitching about the sound.

Fair enough. Maybe the sound wasn't great. But Blakes kept threatening to leave, all kinds of shit. At one point he started performing a capella, and that would've been cool, had he kept it up, but soon he was bitching about the sound again, about how all the mikes sucked, about how this was a $250 show (which I didn't understand, to be honest, but I've never performed in a band, to be honest again).

Once the show did finally get going, Blakes was fine, as he always is. He's a talented guy, when he's not wasting even more of our time making fun of mainstream hip-hop. Yeah, yeah, we get it. You're not a sell-out. That doesn't mean you're not a dick.

During his rendition of "Tighten Up," the TSU Toronadoes song made famous by Archie Bell & the Drells, Blakes got the crowd moving -- I personally could listen to that riff for hours -- but apparently we weren't doing enough soul-clapping, so he paused the action once again and pretty much looked ready to chunk his mike into the crowd.

Talented, Blakes might be. His songs have good melodies, not to mention soul. But he's not worthy of mad genius status, where you forgive him for whatever. And actually, that might be the best word for the whole show.

Whatever, indeed.

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