SXSW: Buxton At Skinny's Ballroom
Photo By Craig Hlavaty

SXSW: Buxton At Skinny's Ballroom

Buxton's showcase show last night was made all the more sweeter knowing that there was a ring of Houston surrounding the narrow stage at the back of Skinny's Ballroom, a venue I hadn't darkened the door of in my previous Austin visits. A throng of well-wishers out front were mixed with converts who may have caught wind of the accolades the band carried into this version music-industry March Madness.

Buxton's continuing journey into loudness was on full display Wednesday night, with everyone in smile mode and the confidence coming off in waves. It's hard to remember what Buxton was like even two or three years ago, because they keep on adding to their stew, and the flavors get all the more savory.

Overheard last night was the somewhat astounding description of our Houston friends as "Paul Simon fronting Creedence Clearwater" or something to that effect. Pretty strong words, and judging by the accent, I don't think they have a Texas driver's license.

If you were blown away by the Nothing Here Seems Strange release show in February, let me tell you now that the force and excitement they exhibited that night is now the norm for Buxton.

Road-dogging has made them a whole new animal live.

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