SXSW: Garage Rock Madness with Black Lips and King Khan

Within the span of an hour we braved a VIP- and booze-addled Black Lips show at the Cedar Street Courtyard, and we fought off a drunken old lady brandishing a plastic lighted sword outside of the King Khan and the Shrines gig at El Sol y La Luna.

Black Lips came on a tad over 30 minutes late in front of the packed Cedar Street crowd that seemed to be glued to one another. Any movement was robotic and every maneuver was like playing a game of human Tetris. The boys from Hotlanta played songs off their recent 200 Million Thousand, doing a killer "Short Fuse" three songs in.

Over at El Sol y La Luna, the King Khan show was a capacity deal, with people entering as another left. We got in quickly and fortunately only missed one song. King Khan did his swarthiest and silken moves, backed by the largely Teutonic Shrines and a brassy blonde flapper cheerleader. During "Welfare Bread," drunk folks were burning money from their wallets and lighting cigs with them.

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