SXSW: Iglu and Hartly, How’s Your News?, Boyz Noize and Hanson

My first full evening at SXSW started off by stumbling to the Cedar Door on Brazos, full of TGI Friday's cheap ass margaritas and the hope that I would see the band Wheatus. Yeah, remember "Teenage Dirtbag"? Those guys are still out there plugging away at whatever dull hope the utopia of the year 2000 offered.

They must have rock-starred out, or maybe it was better we missed it. Instead, we were treated to the rap and what can only be loosely categorized as rock of the band Iglu and Hartly. An astute member of our crowd correctly defined what we were hearing as "shit." This is the kind of band that gets put in a teen comedy and is passed of as "hip," when it's probably just a favor to some snot-nosed adult child of a movie mogul.

After that 20 minutes of my life that I will never get back, but will surely never really miss, we headed to Friends Bar to try to catch Carbon/Silicon play. It's the new project from Mick Jones, a dude from some band called the Clash. Guess what? We do need some stinkin' badges! Baby Boy couldn't get in for the life of him. So we went down to Bourbon Rocks.

How's Your News? is the spin-off band from the documentary of the same name. It chronicled the country-wide trek of a group of disabled and mentally challenged adults interviewing the public about current events.

With the help of a few assistants, they did a simplistic yet endearing set of folky pop and rock covers. It's hard to judge this stuff on a rock elitist level, but it makes you feel warm inside that no matter what. These people have handicaps and probably still played better than over half of the bands trudging it out this week. Shit, I guess I'm getting soft in my quarter age.

Down at Beauty Bar we sat outside listening to Boyz Noize's capacity flaunting set. We ran into Dapose from the Faint. He's into showcasing his side project Vverevvolf Grehv this week. He gave us the lowdown on a newly finished Faint record and the band's summer tour plans.

Back down Sixth, we ran into the Hanson dudes checking out Fastball. And yes, we talked to them. My girlfriend and her buddy took about what seemed like a dozen pictures with them. Sixth grade dreams never die.

What happened next, well that deserves its own separate post... – Craig Hlavaty

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