SXSW Journal: The Tontons

[A dispatch from Tontons guitarist Tom Nguyen.]

Justin and I arrived in Austin Wednesday evening.  We came earlier then the Adam and Asli, so that we could do a bit more and take advantage of our wristbands.

After we got our wristbands we wandered around trying to find some bands to see.  One of the problems in the search was the fact that Justin is not 21, so it hindered him getting into some of the venues. We finally find a show but it was to capacity. Sorry, M. Ward - maybe next time. 

We continued to do a lot more walking and found more places where we could all not get into. Hopefully we'll have more success today (Thursday).  We ran into this guy - I think his name is Meganut...?  

The Artist passes do allow one other perk and that is the artists' lounges.

The best part of the night was going to show that we could get into together.  It was at the Radio Room somewhere on 6th. We saw Viva Voce and the Delta Spirit (above). Both bands we great, Delta Spirit was a little better. We spent the rest of the night trying to find a place to stay, and found one after a while...

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