SXSW Journal: The Tontons, Day 2

Justin and I started off the day early trying to do more then the previous day. Driving around town is much more difficult then anticipated, even though we were here last year. We spent a lot of time trying to find parking and searching for boots. Not the most exciting start, but well worth the finds: headbands and leather boots.

We went into the convention center to explore the trade shows, the Stevie Ray Vaughan museum was much smaller then I expected but still cool.  We ran into some American Apparel lady who gave us gift cards, skirts and Thigh High Socks - don't really know why, but they were free. Also the free massages are well worth it. Most of the afternoon was spent at the Convention Center.

We split up afterward to search for food. I went to go see Electric Touch perform a free show and Justin went to see about some free tailoring service being provided to all the Artists.  Sometime after this Asli and Adam arrived in Austin. We then again split up trying to see as many bands as possible.  Adam went to see  A Hawk and a Hacksaw and Justin went to see Augie Meyers and Flaco Jimenez of the Texas Tornadoes

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As that was going on Asli and I saw Lisa Hannigan and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down.  Both really great shows, Thao was wasted or appeared to be, but she probably was. It was still a great set.

Justin some how disappeared and ended up at Stubb's. He said we missed out on some really good shows. We wanted to go but instead settled for hot dogs. Justin saw Gomez,  Andrew Bird which we all really wanted to see and the Meat Puppets which... kind of just happened.

By the end of the day we just ended up at the artist lounge for two hours. The night ended with Justin and I being chased three blocks by some weird drunk guy wanting to walk with us. He said he was going home and walking and we said the same thing, thinking he wanted a ride. He started mumbling when I whispered to Justin, "Run."

We bolted and thought we lost him but to our surprise he was right behind us. He started slowing down and so did us, we caught our breath and started again. We could hear his feet stomping hard trying to catch up to us, we finally turned a corner and lost him, but after the whole chase we stopped and asked ourselves what just happened. The whole thing didn't make a lot of sense. Maybe he just wanted to be friends, we will never know.

All and all it was a good day.  We have yet to run into the Moccasins yet, maybe tomorrow.

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