SXSW Journal: Wild Moccasins

[Note: Rocks Off asked a few Houston bands to keep track of their SXSW itineraries for us. This is Wild Moccasins singer/guitarist Cody Swann's report.]

We got into Austin Tuesday night and woke up early to play at Club 1808 around 11 a.m. for the Rancho Relaxo day party. We played a short set to the other bands and their friends. Right after we finished playing the power cut out for 30 minutes, weird. Andrew Lee wore a black turtle neck, weirder. Some of the bands playing included Quiet Hooves from Athens, The Carrots, and Daniel Francis Doyle from Austin. Really nice people.

We couldn't stick around very long since we were playing at The Red House Pizzeria at 2:30 p.m.. Played outdoors right when the sun was shining the brightest. That sucked, but we got a lot of free pizza. Pete and the Pirates from Reading played before us and were fucking great, Young Mammals played after us with a great set as well. The Music For Listeners guys in San Antonio set up the party and are doing great stuff.

Off to the convention center after that to pick up wrist bands. Didn't take as long as we thought it would be. Zahira and Andrew Lee ran into Grizzly Bear while waiting for wrist bands. I was not as lucky.

Played our showcase at The Tap Room around Midnight. Venue was nice, but tucked away from a lot of the people. Watched some guy steal a hat off the head of the bouncer of The Tap Room. The guy jets down the street, but realizes the bouncer is much faster and tosses the hat back.

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The Wild Moccasins