SXSW: Lady Sovereign at the Red Bull Showcase

I'm not usually one for the after parties. Generally, I'm asleep by three or so at SXSW, but for reasons I will not discuss, last night was an exception.

At any rate, four AM found me at the Red Bull showcase in deepest East Austin. Red Bull is taking up the slack for the late nighters this year, picking up the slack that Spin used to carry.

And oh my God, Red Bull was wise enough to book Lady Sovereign.

Now, I am the first to admit that British hip-hop might have been a wee bit overrated some time back in 2004. Maybe. But Lady Sov is worth it all.

All I know is this little chick is tough. I mean, fo' real. You do not want to fuck with Lady Sovereign, and I am not just saying that because the beer she punted off the stage drenched me from head to toe. (Alright, maybe a little.) All I know is that little Londoner is the real mothafuckin' deal. Check her out.

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