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SXSW News: Muse, STP, Warpaint, Descendents (Almost), Jim Jones Revue, FPH/Pegstar Party, RSVP Info, Etc.

Let it be known that today that is first day we groaned when we saw a new glut of SXSW missives end up in our inbox. Gone are the bright-eyed days of early January when we welcomed each SXSW e-mail like a homebound war-weary soldier. Now when we see something with "showcase" in the heading, we just glance the through the copy for the promise of free booze. We still can't wait to hit Austin, but dang, it's getting taxing just thinking about we all need to see.

After missing Tuesday night's Buxton show with Warpaint, we now have strict marching orders to check out the latter group. The all-female band had the Houston interwebs aflutter before their set was even over, making closers Akron/Family an afterthought for some. Most of the boys at the show fell in love with the gals in Warpaint as well, so don't be alarmed if you get light-headed watching the above clip. You are not alone.

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Craig Hlavaty
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