SXSW: The Tallest Man on Earth at Buffalo Billiards

First things first: The Tallest Man on Earth is not. In fact, if there are three billion men in the world, this guy is probably the 2,145,799,276th tallest. He's kind of short.

He's also kind of awesome.

Last night at Buffalo Billiards, Swedish artist Kristian Matsson had the small crowd rapt as he finger-picked his way from song to another, sliding his capo up and down his acoustic's open tuning, working his way around the room and making blue-eyed contact with each and every one of us, leaning forward into the mike with his chin, just being all-around charming. This is Americana at its best, even if it's from Scandinavia.

I'm trying really hard not to make a comparison to Bob Dylan here, but it's tough. Matsson's husky, yet vulnerable voice just made me feel like I was transported back forty years, to some place that might only exist in my mind. Or maybe I'm still a little tipsy from my turn with Matsson's blue-eyed gaze. He was singing just to me, I swear it.

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