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SXSW: Tomorrow's It Band: the Virgins

Everything moves so fast at SXSW. Last night's new "it" band is no longer "it" by today. That's why I went through every band without an album out, who was playing SXSW, and checked out their demos on Myspace ahead of time. It's my shameless attempt to be hipper than everyone else.

So, I can name drop the group the Virgins. Yes, they're a new band from New York City and I should really make a catchy pun out of their name but I will spare you. This four-piece of hip kids are my pick to be the object of tomorrow's label bidding war.

Friday at the Palm Door, the group brought their catchy style of post-punk-influenced jams to a sparse and way-too-warm audience. I'll try and refrain from drawing the comparison between the group and today's "it" band Vampire Weekend, sans the keys and occasional strings. No no no, I won't dare stoop to such a level.

Instead, I'll tell you the band worked through their short set with incredibly infectious songs that make you want to shake your tail feather even if last night's hangover has yet to wear off. The lead singer crooned in an off-kilter way, distinguishing the group from other new post-punk acts. They kept things at an even keel, never overindulging in the high hat-snare drum patterns that so many others refuse to stray from. Check them out immediately because by tomorrow they may no longer be “it” but a killer band signed to some major label.

-Brett Koshkin

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