SXSW Tour Diary: The Niceguys, Day 2

Rocks Off has asked Houston artists The Niceguys to write up their experience as performers at SXSW.

Day 2 at SXSW was awesome, a great day for The Niceguys. Thursday started off in the afternoon with the big homie Hustle Simmons "Hustlepalooza" showcase at Cielo's Nightclub, which might I add is a very nice venue. We rocked the crowd and had an absolute blast on stage, then hung out to support and watch our good friend Killa Kyleon rock as well.

Following Hustlepalooza, we went down the street to Light Bar for the Grand Hustle showcase. They had an open bar, so we stuck around for awhile. Ran into B.O.B., Gripplyaz, the homie Dominique of Leaders of The New Cool, and a few others.

After that we went back to the hotel, and we all put on our new varsity exclusive doofus jackets and mobbed to the Scoot Inn for the Audible Treats showcase.

Audible is family so we already knew this would be a dope and fun show, and certainly it was. For our third performance of the festival, it was definitely by far our best outing. The crowd was great, we came with the energy and had another nice set.

Shortly after the set, we had some Jack Daniels shots with Dan of Audible Treats, always good to see Dan, he works his ass off on behalf of The Niceguys and he's a good friend to our camp as well. Once we left the showcase, we roamed 6th, hit chuggin monkey, then stopped by the Vibe House for Smokers Club.

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