SXSW Update: Volunteers Needed; Dead Man's Bones, Dirty Honey Added

SXSW 09 performers the Homopolice at Rudyard's, Christmas night 2008

We always hear our friends complain about not being able to score a wristband or a badge to SXSW. We understand, it blows hard being a discriminating music elitist and not being able to make it to any of the big nightly shows. But as they do every year, the organizers of SXSW have a solution for anyone wanting to be part of all the depravity. You could always volunteer.

You've been hearing for years how you should volunteer, so what better place than the biggest music conference in the world? You can score wristbands, all-access badges, free swag, maybe even booze. Plus you can scope all that hot rock and roll tail pounding the pavement all week long, while you feel all super-important wearing a headset and baby-blue polo.

The first call for volunteers is January 25 in Austin. There are limited positions for all the demand, so bring a sleeping bag and a coffee can to camp out the night before.

Dead Man's Bones, "In the Room Where You Sleep"

This week we also got word of another round of performers making their way to the 512. Locals Dave Wrangler and Brett "Dirty Honey" Koshkin will be bringing their DJ sets to town, as will noise-punks the Homopolice.

One national act that has band added is Dead Man's Bones. This is actor Ryan Gosling's (from your girlfriend's favorite movie, The Notebook) new musical project. It's creepy piano stuff, like a Southern Gothic version of Bauhaus with a children's chorus. - Craig Hlavaty

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