SXSW Video: Odd Future's Roof-Jumping Antics At The Scoot Inn

Friday was Rocks Off's last day in Austin and it couldn't have gone any better, even if we had put on sunscreen. While free day parties are great and have tons of free beer and swag - another term for "free promo merch" when it's not used to describe Odd Future Wolf Gang, but we'll get to that later - they also have tons of free sun and limited restroom facilities.

We caught Ty Segall at the Rhapsody day party and then made our way over to Scoot Inn for the Thrasher Day Party to see Das Racist (for the fourth time) and Odd Future Wolf Gang. While there, we ran into Fat Tony, Ipod Ammo, A.D.D., and Lisa E.

The crowd grew steadily until 4 p.m. when, after aggressive chants of "Odd Future!" the camp came to the stage. We tried to position ourselves in a decent location so that we could see them, but when we realized that would be impossible, we moved to the middle of the crowd with Fat Tony and A.D.D. The crowd shouted, "Wolf, Gang, Swag" and later, "Golf, Wang, Golf Wang!!" and apparently some dude who jumped on stage got his nose broken.

After screaming, "FUCK STEVE HARVEY!!" Tyler, The Creator climbed on top of the speakers on the side of the stage to rap for a bit and then jumped off feet-first into the crowd. Later on, Hodgy Beats one-upped Tyler and got on the roof, from where he also jumped.

There was a considerable amount of moshing, which we could only tolerate for about 10 minutes. Basically, the show was everything we imagined it would be like: raucous, full of rage, and incredibly entertaining. Swag!

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Allison Wagoner