SXSW: Wiz Khalifa, Trae Turn Fader Fort "Black & Yellow"

Even his Afro was "Black & Yellow."

Wiz Khalifa, the blunt-smoking leader of the Taylor Gang, kept it 100 at the Fader Fort late Thursday night with a performance that proved to be everything you might expect: fun, hazy, and energetic. With a grin as big as the Congress Avenue bridge, Wiz bounced up and down the stage with a joyful spirit merited to this successful hip-hop newcomer.

He told the crowd that two years ago he was "One of them... a dude in the audience getting drunk and eating pizza," and encouraged anyone with the dream of becoming an artist to keep working towards that goal, stating that although the game is difficult, it is not impossible.


For the fist song, Wiz introduced Houston rap legend Trae Tha Truth to perform the track "Phone Numbers." The crowd erupted when Trae called Austin his second home. The nation may not yet know who he is, but with all the noise he is generating here in Texas, and the collaborations with big names such as Wiz, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Yelawolf, it's only a matter of time.

Wiz hit upon all of his various mixtapes, then dropped a few tracks from his upcoming major label debut appropriately called, "Rolling Papers," due out March 29. The single "Roll Up" is a smooth summertime jam that will play nice on the radio, and encourage the ladies to buy the album. He accompanies that with the determined track "On My Level," which on the album includes a guest spot by Too $hort.

Of course, the show would not have been complete without his claim to fame, the anthem "Black and Yellow." Wiz indulged his fans with everyone's favorite song and made a fuck-it-let's-do-it face. But once his DJ dropped the all too familiar intro, Wiz proved that even though the song may be played out, it will never not be great.

Ah-ha... You know what it is...

Personal Bias: Weed-smoking rappers are always awesome

The Crowd: knew every word to "Black & Yellow," and missed the free Strokes show to see Wiz

Overheard In the Crowd: "Yes, the carpet matched the drapes, but I'm not drunk enough yet to show you"

Random Notebook Dump: I really need a tattoo or ten to fit in better.

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