Take Har Mar Superstar Seriously or Not? Your Call.

This guy

has nothing on Har Mar Superstar. The R&B singer and

Ron Jeremy lookalike

has worked the pink-manties look for the better part of this decade. He is, after all, a self-styled lover. Fresh off his cameo as a rival roller derby coach in

Whip It

(and his excellent cover of

"Never My Love"

on the film's soundtrack), Har Mar, as we like to call him, will spend Saturday night in Houston, playing

Super Happy Fun Land

with Ghost Mountain, Components of the Modern Age and My Jerusalem. Har Mar is the second iteration of Sean Tillman, who fronts the decidedly more indie band Sean Na Na. Har Mar lies on the other side of the spectrum. His latest album,

Dark Touches

, is Kanye-esque in its reliance on Auto-tune. The single


is oddly reminiscent of Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA." That he performs what sounds ostensibly like serious-minded R&B and dance pop in nothing more than American Apparel underwear makes him seem like an inside joke. Until you learn that he's collaborated with Karen O, members of the Strokes and Jennifer Lopez. Rocks Off might be going crazy, but we just listened to "DUI" for the millionth time, and it's starting to grow on us. Like gem sweater girl-turned Midwestern rapper

Leslie Hall

, Tillman has been able to morph his alter ego into something decidedly legitimate (depending on what story you believe. Tillman originally claimed Har Mar was his "twin" Harold Tillman. Sean also has a "brother"

tweeting on his behalf

). But where Leslie Hall's songs and shows have an ironic, nerdy, genuinely clever edge to them, something about Har Mar Superstar seems too earnest, as if he's begging to be taken seriously.

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