Houston Music

Tanner Garza's Creation in the Here and Now

From a city that is never silent to a sound that resembles the sky above its soaring scrapers, Tanner Garza's heartfelt experiments are imperfectly painted portraits of here and now. A place that seems far away, yet too close.

Mention the phrase "experimental music" to the amateur connoisseur and one of two visceral reactions occur. Facial features cluster together forming freshly exposed wrinkles or question marked expressions lead to shrugged shoulders. Either it is synonymous with unlistenable nonsense like one artist throwing a piece of lunch meat against the wall while another artist records it, or it is met with the question: "Is this even music?"

For Tanner Garza, experimental music is none of the above. He describes it as "building the house with your own blueprints and by your own rules." His music creates wordless internal dialogue -- communicating feelings robbed by misspoke words and prattle. Constructing a house built on the heart of his carefully crafted blueprint, his sound transcends any vulgar definition.

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Stephan Wyatt