Tax The Wolf Shines As Velvet Underground

Who loves the sun? Tax the Wolf does. Dressed for the occasion in ties and turtlenecks, the Houston prog-rockers downshifted into downtown chic to cover most of the Velvet Underground's 1970 album Loaded at the return of Rocks Off's Reduxion Wednesday night at Walter's on Washington.

With very special guest Andy Warhol looking on via laptop, the Wolf opened with a stout "Rock and Roll" and closed with a punchy "Sweet Jane" that brought out the rocking underpinnings of perhaps the VU's best-known ballad. In between, Rocks Off's personal favorites were a chugging "Oh, Sweet Nuthin'" and pillow-soft "I Found a Reason."

The group and their friends JUZCOZ returned for a set of material from Tax the Wolf's debut LP Hold the Sun that proved their earlier talk about covering Radiohead wasn't just idle chatter. We'd love to have them back sometime for that, but in any case, Reduxion will return soon. Email chris.gray@houstonpress.com if you'd like to play.

See more photos from Wednesday after the jump.

...and see even more photos in our slideshow.

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