Tell Us Your Thoughts and Memories of Michael Jackson

The King of Pop is dead, succumbing to a surprise heart attack Thursday. Some unconfirmed reports say the attack came after an injection of Demerol, and naturally the Internet is awash in conspiracy theories. An autopsy is pending; MTV says the results are expected today. Houston (and the rest of you out there in Internetland), we'd like to know your thoughts and feelings about the man in the mirror and his music. Did you have your first slow dance to "Rock With You" or soothe a busted relationship to "She's Out of My Life"? Maybe boogie at your wedding reception or graduation party to "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"? Let's hardly forget "ABC" or "I Want You Back." Where were you when you first saw the "Billie Jean" and "Thriller" videos? Did you catch the Thriller or Bad tours at the Summit? And what was up with "Remember the Time"? Tell us - we'd like to know. Also let us know about any MJ tribute nights or the like that may be planned at area clubs. But cool it on the jokes if you don't mind. We got enough of those yesterday.

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