Ten Rock-Star Crushes We Still Haven't Outgrown

Artists like Elvis Presley, Madonna, and Mick Jagger undoubtedly helped define the consumate rock star crush. But there have been a handful of worthy others along the way - armed with that certain je ne se quoi - who haven't left our radar. Years later, turns out we're still smitten with this bunch of '80s and '90s songsters.

10. Gavin Rossdale: Was there a girl on earth who didn't swoon over Rossdale's curly locks and bedroom eyes for the greater part of the 90s? Nope. There was not. Considering the female frenzy over his mere presence in our city at last week's Buzzfest, it seems not much has changed.

9. Gwen Stefani: Not one to be outdone by her hubby (rocker and fellow Rock Star Crush Gavin Rossdale), the No Doubt front woman proves she still reigns as punk-rock's hottest commodity. Simultaneously flaunting her penchant for fashion, motherhood and (clearly) religiously hittin' the gym, Stefani tackles it all. It's "no doubt" this Renaissance Woman makes our list.

8. LL Cool J: Seriously, what's not to like? LL - born under the light-years-less-sexy name James Todd Smith - is the whole package: Talent, looks, the body of a Greek God and, apparently, the magical gene of reverse aging.

7. Liz Phair: As if crafting a debut album as flawless as 1993's Exile in Guyville isn't sexy enough on its own, lo-fi rocker Liz Phair reeled in even the indiest of indie alterna-males, with her sexually driven lyrics and sultry stage persona. Even Phair's less thrilling glossy post-Exile pop isn't enough to keep her off our list.

6. Anthony Kiedis: The Red Hot Chili Peppers front man won us over early-on. Cue to 1992's "Under the Bridge" video, a shirtless, sculpted Kiedis running across the screen - in slow-motion, nonetheless - his waist-length locks swaying in the California breeze. We think he's kind of had it in the bag ever since.

5. Susanna Hoffs: Prince protége Susanna Hoffs turned heads as the front woman for '80s all-girl pop-rock outfit The Bangles. The Botticelli-faced brunette has since teamed up with '90s rocker Matthew Sweet, forming classic-rock cover band Sid 'n Susie. After all these years, Hoffs is still our "eternal flame."

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4 & 3. Salt-N-Pepa: The Queens-bred duo were pioneers of female rap, fusing their playful sexiness and cheeky attitude with a clear propensity for hit-making. Memorable songs like "Let's Talk About Sex" proved these gals weren't afraid to push social boundaries, ultimately making them the best-selling female rap act of all time.

2. Chris Cornell: Ah, the allure of the hard-rocker from the wrong side of the tracks. The Soundgarden singer encompassed the essence of Seattle Grunge in the 90s -long hair, Doc Martens, and the token Alternative wail. Former Grunge-girls were elated to resurrect such energy (read: Eye candy) earlier this year, as Cornell and his bandmates reunited, kicking off a trend that would prove popular throughout 2010.

1. Fiona Apple: The sullen songstress mesmerized crowds with her poetic, piano-laden jazz-pop and angelic face to boot. Apple proved sweet enough to take home to Mom, yet fiery enough to cause a scene (remember her infamous 1997 MTV acceptance speech?). Apparently, some appeal exists in such unpredictability, as the tempestuous songwriter remains one of our top musical crushes.

Crush-worthy Mentions: PJ Harvey, David Gahan, Tommy Lee, Madonna, Trent Reznor, Bjork, Lauryn Hill, Will Smith, Jarvis Cocker, Prince, David Bowie, Ryan Adams, Mick Jagger, Evan Dando, Juliana Hatfield, Suzanne Vega, Aimee Mann.

Seems like we could go on all day, but one can only nostalgically pine after rock stars for so long. So we ask... who are your top Rock Star Crushes?

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