Tesla Coils to Unsettling Steampunk: The Music of Comicpalooza

All kinds of things are happening this weekend when the annual Comicpalooza convention rolls around, but one thing you may not know is that you can see some truly exceptional concerts there as well.

As part of our coverage leading up to the fun, here are some of the bands you will want to mark down to see appear.

Abney Park: Once just another goth band, Abney Park has launched itself to the very top of the rising steampunk movement to become a niche, but extremely popular act that puts on a hell of a show. Their song "Sleep Isabella" even made it into an episode of True Blood last season.

Art Attack:

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Since their transformation the band has put out a steady stream of epic soundtrack music that would fit right at home in a Final Fantasy game. They're full of a lush, unsettling darkness that always entertains. They don't do things any way but big, and you won't regret catching them at Saturday's Steampunk Ball.

Oh, and just in case you question their geek credentials, they have their own tabletop RPG now.


True Blood: Steampunk and Strippers

ArcAttack: Cave Johnson said, "Science isn't about why. It's about why not" and nothing sums that up better than ArcAttack. Using a robotic drum kit, Tesla coils and a stuntman in a chainmail suit they modulate the spark output of the electrical generators to play music. It's an awesome and inspiring sight that makes for a one of a kind concert.

They've managed to make quite a name for themselves, even getting a fair amount through America's Got Talent and even appeared in the game AdventureQuest Worlds. I'm sort of surprised that they're not even bigger since, you know, they control freakin' lightning.


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