Test Your Musical Strength

I know, I know. You're sitting there at work, thinking, "Gee, I wish there were a way I could appear to be working while actually measuring my musical knowledge across a broad spectrum of time periods and genres, and then translate that knowledge into a numerical score I can use to lord over my less musically astute friends."

Well, you're in luck. Merely direct your browser here and answer the 30-question survey. I scored 153 out of 180 possible points, because I didn't know Ryan Adams' first name, the inspiration for Coldplay's "Yellow" or who closed out the Monterey Pop festival in 1967 (hint: it's not who you think). But 153 is still good enough for "Musical Magician," which means...

"We doff our collective hat to your prodigious mind. You are a musical czar, with a profound knowledge of every genre and era. You met your current flame at a concert and, come to think of it, most of your friends too. You're always looking for the chance to pass on recommendations, knowing that if any of your disciples buy your suggestion it will change their lives the same way it has yours. Your love of music is genuine and deep and you match that passion with intellect. Because of that – let's face it – you're also the person that some folks love to hate. But who cares? Let's see their record collection! At this point, one can only take advantage of new ways to discover music and brush up on any obscure genres one might have missed."

So put that in your bong and smoke it. How did you do? - Chris Gray

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.