Texans-Colts: The 10 Best AFC South-Clinching Rapper Tweets

Houston has a professional football team. That teams is called the Houston Texans. A lot of people like them. Some of those people are rappers.

The Internet has several forms of social media. One of those forms of social media is called Twitter. A lot of people use it. Some of them are rappers.

Just like every other week of infinity, we perused Twitter during Sunday's game against the uncommonly likable Indianapolis Colts and grabbed the ten best tweets from the aforementioned rappers on the aforementioned social-media platform.

There's still cursing, history, religion and more. Malibooyah.

10. Bun B, normalcy restored

In case you missed it, Bun B lost a bet with New England Patriot Vince Wilfork. As such, he had to change his Twitter avatar to himself wearing a Patriots jersey. It was like seeing Jesus with a Metallica T-shirt on.

9. One Hunnidt, because sometimes that's all that needs to be tweeted

8. Delo

7. KAB, although, really, if the Texans didn't won, who was really going to stop him from getting a slushee if he wanted to take one?

6. DJ Mr Rogers

Fact. Fat little bastards.

5. NFL Stats

4. Houston Texans

Is this a dig at Matt Schaub? Because it kind of seems like it.

3. and 2. and 1. Jack Freeman

Definitely going to win our MVT award. DEFINITELY.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.