Screwston, Texas

Texans-Ravens: The 10 Best Rapper Tweets From Sunday's Game

Houston has a professional football team. They are called the Houston Texans. A lot of people like them. Some of those people are rappers.

The Internet has several forms of social media. One of them is called Twitter. A lot of people use it. Some of those people are rappers.

We perused Twitter during Sunday's game against the most bastardly bastards the Baltimore Ravens could hire to come to Houston and grabbed the ten best tweets from the aforementioned rappers on the aforementioned social-media platform.

There's cursing, hyperbole and even a completely unnecessary jab at a football coach. Malibooyah.

10. Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy)

Let's not pretend like the free Sonic slushy isn't 40 percent of the reason everyone is so excited with Texans victories.

9. Slim Thug

Like a bawse, probably. (I snuck tacos into a game once, so I pretty much know exactly what he's talking about here.)

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Shea Serrano