From Beyond bring it on their latest release.
From Beyond bring it on their latest release.
Photo courtesy of Candlelight Records

From Beyond Adds Machines To Their Metal

On their new album The Band From Beyond, Texas' From Beyond prove they're making more than metal music, coming up with sounds closer to heavy blues mixed with machines.

Opening with gloomy and dark sounds on the instrumental track, "Invocation," they set the stage for what's to come. They follow it up with the synth lead sounds of "The Fall To Earth."  While the song hits with a doom-filled haze of distortion and space fueled notes, it's the third track "Blooming Sun" that begins to open up the album. The upbeat stride of the song and the riff heavy notes make for the first of several noteworthy tracks.

Searing guitar leads dominate "The Slip." From Beyond keep that sludge brewed sound on seventh track "The Color Out Of Space" where they dig deep down into the doom side of metal. Coming closer to something from early Black Sabbath, it's definitely a comfortable space for this band to occupy. Two tracks later they clean it up a bit with "At Midnight."

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The band treads a little closer to classic metal on "To The Black." The final track  "Black Mirror" takes its time to get going, but the notes that the band employs show how hard and heavy they can get.

You can stream the album on all platforms or order The Band From Beyond directly from Candlelight Records in multiple bundles and on multiple formats. While there's no word about any upcoming Houston dates, you can follow the band on Facebook for information about what they have planned next.

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