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Texas Guitar Great David Grissom Digs Way Down Deep

David Grissom has a résumé that most guitarists can only dream of. From his early days with Hank III in Killbilly, Grissom went on to playing, along with Jimmy Pettit and Davis McLarty, for Joe Ely from 1985 to 1991. A hell-for-leather band that could hang with the Clash or just about anyone else, for that matter, that ensemble is still one of the top acts ever to come out of Texas.

Grissom left Ely to work with John Mellencamp before forming Storyville, an all-star Austin blues-rock ensemble. Following the shelving of Storyville, Grissom toured with the Allman Brothers as well as the Dixie Chicks.

Grissom also is a seasoned session player and was signed to Houstonian Frank Liddell's Carnival Music in Nashville for some years as a songwriter. He recently released his third solo recording, Way Down Deep, that features the usual deep grooves and monster licks we've come to expect from the lanky guitar slinger.

He comes to town Sunday for a writers-in-the-round session with Lisa Morales and legendary Austin guitarist Casper Rawls. Rocks Off caught up with him at home in Dripping Springs.

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William Michael Smith