Screwston, Texas

Texas Police Pimp Their Rides With Trunk Rumblers

The next time you hear a boom box roaring thunderously at the traffic light, listen closely before cursing under your breath. It could be a patrol car trying to squeak by.

Channel 11 News reported this week that a new emergency vehicle siren making noise down in Alvin emits the vibrating sound of sub-woofers, slightly similar to the sound you hear from an Escalade bumping Slim Thug at maxed-out volume.

Authorities claim that the low-pitched siren will help reduce collisions and save lives.

These rattling sirens, which come equipped with a heavy base speaker and a sub-woofer, are placed under the hood of the patrol car or on the front bumper of an ambulance. They're sold under fabulously hip names like "Howler" and "Rumbler."

The move is already a hit in Alvin, which installed them in all 22 of its emergency vehicles two years ago, but Houston is in no hurry to embrace the Rumbler or the Howler. These bad boys will set you back $400 per vehicle, and HPD says it can't afford to part with that kind of change right now.

Houston Police checked out the sirens as part of a pilot project. The Harris County Sheriff's director of mobile technology, Chris Gore, told 11 News that the difference is like "parting water."

According to the Houston Police Department, emergency-vehicle collisions and other accidents have claimed the lives of seven citizens and two cops in the last five years.

So, the new siren is a life-saver but Houston doesn't have enough money to install them? We're not very good at math, but we think $400 may be cheaper than the lives of a few cops and civilians.

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