Tha Phoundation Read from the Book of Lil Keke, and So Should You

Tracing the growth of Lil Keke these days is a fun topic to touch on while also discussing his legacy. We spoke with Da Don back in September, leading to the build of his Heart of a Hustler album while he was mentioning working with two up-and-comers from the local scene.

It made perfect sense for someone who walked pretty much without a mentor, cutting his teeth on screw-tape freestyles, to lend his ear more and more toward the younger guys. If anyone in Houston outside E.S.G. wrote a book about hustling on top of organ-heavy funk-raps, it would be Keke. He's pretty much The Dean of Hustling, and he needs students.

Add Tha Phoundation to that list.

These disciples follow the same pattern as Don Ke, doing any and everything imaginable to avoid getting caught up. That includes up to and admitting with brutal honesty -- not being in church since 16, walking around at 5'9" with a couple nines and the same sort of sterling mean mugs that could put some haters on milk cartons.

At least that's what we're getting at once hearing Tha Phoundation's "Grind Like Mine." They're quite scary and, much like Keke, would do anything legally to produce more coin than the United States treasury. By the way, Keke makes an appearance here with a nimble move to make sure he name-drops the group, mentions more about his continued attempts to gain money and then evaporates. That hustling bible still has a few pages he needs to write, I suppose.

Thus, get like them, embed this into your new playlist where achievement is found by working from the absolute bottom, and enjoy it.

Other noteworthy MP3s of the week:

Boston George feat. Meek Mill & Kirko Bangz, "Molly (Remix)" The point of a remix to a song about a drug you shouldn't take like sleeping pills is to keep it as memorable as possible. "Molly" already owned the mind thanks to a video that really, really couldn't be watched at work if you wanted to, but Kirko Bangz steals the show here with a verse that is about as hilariously disgusting as you can get.

Once more, Kirko proves he's not Drake and more like his West Coast doppleganger Colin Kaepernick. Kirko's running the pistol offense on these women, and they just have to take it on the chin.

Killa Kyleon, "Cadillac" Here's what we do know: Killa's T.R.I.L.L. is coming out in February and "Cadillac," featuring production from Mouse On Tha Track, ranks up there as one of his strongest singles to date. It's not built along the same premise as "Make Me" (feat. Jack Freeman), but what it does excel at is the fact nobody can talk more King-Kong-cash bravado than Kyleon.

He sucks up an entire minute of space just to remind you about his shoe game, and then some. Kyleon corners the market on these sorts of things, and we just have to sit back and enjoy it.

Slim Thug & Z-Ro, "Loving U" Rotha Vandross's voice is the gospel. Slim Thug would rather chase money all day than one single female. I think you already know where I'm going with this.

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