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That Purple Bastard and D-Risha Plumb Houston Rap for Gold on "Ebonics"

Earlier this year, rapper D-Risha released a mixtape called Big Trouble in Houston, Texas. On it was a song called "Ebonics," the stand alone best track because it somehow managed to be accessible while being meta (which is like being tall and short at the same time). Here's what was written about it in July:

Usually, gimmicky tracks don't rate critically, but this one, where Risha explains what very nearly every piece of Houston slang means, is done to perfection. Listen to it. If you can make it through the entire thing without smiling at least once, you'll need to schedule a doctor's appointment quick and get that lump of coal removed from your chest where your heart should be.

Now, a new version.

Producer/rapper/weirdo That Purple Bastard twisted 20 or so tracks from the Houston Rap Singles Hall of Fame into one five-minute sexing, then set Risha's vocals over the top all of it. It's from TPB's forthcoming project called 6 Demon Bag, already a frontrunner for 2012's Which Album Title Will Inspire Fear In Your Children? contest.

Listen to it

Listen to it

. It's neat, and probably the best way possible to spend the next five minutes.

The words sound better in the original context (the production here is so overwhelmingly feel-good nostalgic-y that it's hard to pay attention to both at the same time), but this is still a very entertaining, very creative, substantial amount of fun.

On Twitter at @PurpleBastard and @TheMightyDRisha.

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