Screwston, Texas

That Purple Bastard: Houston's Reluctant "Remix King"

"Can I call myself a Remix King when nobody knows who the fuck I am?"

--Purple Bastard

Purple Bastard has a beard. Or maybe A Beard has a purple bastard? Not sure. No matter. It's not important. What is is that he stands out, even though it's the least overwhelming STANDS OUT of all. And that's maybe the most apt scenario that serves as a microcosm of someone's existence of all. Or something. (Or nothing, duh.)

Purple Bastard is a mantis-thin, light-bulb-bright man. He is 30 years old, married, from Houston. He does not have any children, and he works a day job at Whole Foods and [lots more sentences], probably. All of those things are lovely details and certainly a part of a story, but not this one, at least not obviously.

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Shea Serrano