The 10 Best Concerts in Houston This Weekend: Fuzz a Rama, TV On the Radio, etc.
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The 10 Best Concerts in Houston This Weekend: Fuzz a Rama, TV On the Radio, etc.

Fuzz a Rama Beat Stomp Continental Club & Big Top Lounge, March 14

If this afternoon/evening garage, psych, surf, soul and go-go blowout gets any more '60s, someone is going to have to start passing out draft cards to burn. With go-go dancers on hand to shake and DJs from A Fistful of Soul, Reverberation and the Alamo City Social Club around to spin only the choicest 45s, you can might have a perfectly groovy time without ever getting around to the bands.

But let's do that anyway: Headlining is former International Artists recording artists of no small renown, Austin's own "Hot Smoke and Sassafrass" inhalers Bubble Puppy, over a stacked undercard that also reels in Detroit's Blaire Alise & the Bombshells; a bunch of San Antonio bands (King Pelican, the Phantomatics, the Dead Barons); Miami's Ketchy Shuby; and a clutch from right here in the Bayou City: the Motion, Modfag, Allen Oldies Band and finally Mikey & the Drags, who helped pull this whole shindig together. (Whew.) Sold yet?

The 10 Best Concerts in Houston This Weekend: Fuzz a Rama, TV On the Radio, etc.
Photo by JUCO/Courtesy of Universal Music Group

TV On the Radio House of Blues, March 15

Despite some tough times in the past few years, notably bassist Gerard Smith's 2011 death from lung cancer, TV On the Radio has always been one of the most idiosyncratic, forward-thinking, and musically astute bands in the vast phylum of indie-rock; maybe now more than ever. After taking plenty of time to get their heads straight, a hiatus that included a 2013 stop at Free Press Summer Fest, TVOTR returned to the record racks with fifth album Seeds, which balances a handful of uplifting disco-rock anthems with pockets of understandable melancholy. With Nostalghia.

The Sloths can be heard on the 1996 Crypt Records compilation Back From the Grave.
The Sloths can be heard on the 1996 Crypt Records compilation Back From the Grave.
Photo by Art Tavana/LA Weekly


Bush: Gavin Rossdale's UK crowd-pleasing alt-rockers are celebrating the 20th anniversary of breakthrough LP Sixteen Stone, making us all officially old. With Theory of a Deadman. (Bayou Music Center, March 13)

Pitbull: Miami's ambassador of fun and Global Warming expert hollers "Timber" for his second RodeoHouston square dance. (NRG Stadium, March 13)

Wacka Flocka Flame: Charismatic ATL rapper has been in the news this week denouncing those racist OU frat chants; surely he'll be in a better mood for "Flockaveli's Circus." (Warehouse Live, March 13)

HLSR Go Tejano Committee 24th annual Mariachi Invitational: Always one of the high points of rodeo season. (Arena Theatre, March 14)

For the Community 9: art, poetry, activism and lots and lots of live music, to the tune of two or three dozen bands. (Last Concert Cafe, March 14)

The Sloths: See last week's article about the L.A. teen-garage band 50 years on. (Houston House of Creeps, March 14)

Shilpa Ray: Ex-Nick Cave backup singer tackles Lou Reed and Dinah Washington on Make Up EP. (Walters Downtown, March 15)

Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic: Rhymesayers Entertaiment homies bring brain-busting verses on the "Bestiary Tour"; with Homeboy Sandman. (Fitzgerald's, March 15)

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