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The 10 Best Concerts In Houston This Weekend: Schoolboy Q, Adnan Sami, Jewel Brown, etc.

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Josh Abbott Band Sam Houston Race Park, March 28

Sam Houston Race Park kicks off its spring concert season with a true alpha dog within the Texas-country pack, one whose bark has grown loud enough that Nashville has taken notice. With last fall's Tuesday Night EP (Atlantic), the Josh Abbott Band released their first bid to show what started in Lubbock can play well beyond the Red River, then backed it up earlier this winter on a tour of the Northeast with fellow West Texan made good Pat Green. A full-length album is expected in due course, but their sizable arsenal of established regional hits ("My Texas," "I'll Sing About Mine") should be more than enough to satisfy this Saturday-night racetrack crowd.

Hogan & Moss Anderson Fair, March 28

The "old, weird America" - a term coined by former Rolling Stone wordsmith Greil Marcus - has appealed to artists alienated by modern society's strip-mall sterilization pretty much ever since that society began emerging around 1950. Even more than 60 years on, songs that sprang from jug-band, hillbilly, vaudeville, shape-note singing and other styles popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries are recorded in more contemporary genres like bluegrass, country and rock all the time.

In fact, look no further than veteran Austin duo Jon Hogan & Maria Moss, whose 2014 EP Reuben's Train mixes Hogan's originals with vintage public-domain tunes like "Mill Room Blues" and "Coo Coo" about as seamlessly as even Gillian Welch & David Rawlings could.

Adnan Sami Arena Theatre, March 28

With one of the nation's largest Indo- and Pakistani-American communities, Houston is a regular stop for some of the world's leading South Asian performers, but for Adnan Sami it's like coming back home. His last U.S. tour sparked a second Houston show due to popular demand; according to a March 2013 article in Indo-American News, he told the Arena Theatre crowd that he even lived here for a couple of years during the 1980s.

Now in his mid-forties, Sami -- who was born in London of Indo-Pakistani descent, and now lives in Mumbai -- has collaborated with Bollywood impresario A.R. Rahman numerous times and his known for his lightning-fast skills on the keyboard, as well as his emotive vocals and fluid movements between classical, film music and more pop-influenced styles. Visit humtumradio.com to keep up with more concerts and other events from the Bayou City's vibrant South Asian sphere.

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