The 10 Best Music-Oriented Secrets on Whisper

Remember when the prospect of Big Brother was frightening? This was back in ancient times, when people shuddered at the thought of anyone being able to watch their each and every move any time of the day.

That was before the Internet, before Facebook, before apps that track your mobile device so your stalkers can follow you. At some point, a bunch of us decided there was no keeping others from peering through the windows. We just pulled the curtains back to give them a better view.

Whisper is a popular Web site that lets voyeurs look past the surface and into the soul. Users anonymously post their secrets on the site. Using Internet images and meme-ready lettering, they've created the tech-warped, info-age version of the confessional booth.

Some of the secrets are horrifically creepy. Occasionally, they're poignant. Others are likely outright lies. And at least some are music-oriented. Here are some of the best.

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Yes, I realize this one isn't music-oriented... unless someone writes a song about it. Which would be amazing. But, c'mon, look at that dog. It's so cute! It's also a lot less frightening than the statistics which estimate Whisper page views now hitting three billion a month. Thankfully, these aren't unique visitors - if they were, nearly half the planet's population would be reading or posting on the site monthly. Take that, George Orwell.

Still a few more Whispers to go. They're on page 3.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.