The 10 Best Rockets-Mavs Rapper Tweets

The 10 Best Rockets-Mavs Rapper Tweets

Rocks Off has peeked at tweets by Houston's best rappers during the last several Houston Texans football seasons. But, like most local sports fans these days, the city's rappers are also Houston Rockets fans. With Clutch Redux on the verge of its first first-round playoff series win in years, coming against the guys from Dallas, no less, it seemed like an appropriate time to dust off Rapper Tweets for a special Rockets Playoff Basketball edition.

10. Sounds Like Our Kind of Party

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9. @BunBTrillOG, Houston Sports Ambassador

8. Rockets Trying to Finish The Series With a Bang(z)

7. Superman's Kryptonite = The Technical Foul

What, me worry?
What, me worry?
Screenshot by Jesse Sendejas, Jr.

6. Too Close For Comfort at the Half

5. #stopthehacking

4. T-Minus 4 Minutes 'Til Liftoff To Round 2

Pot stirred.
Pot stirred.
Screenshot by Jesse Sendejas, Jr.

3. The J.J. Watt of the Hardcourt #fearthebeard

2. Dallas Down. Spurs Next to Go.

1. The Final Word

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