The 10 Best Songs That Were Never Released (So Far)

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10. Richard O'Brien, "Moon Drenched Shores of Transylvania"

Fox wanted Richard O'Brien to write a musical follow-up to The Rocky Horror Picture Show very, very badly. The result was Revenge of the Old Queen, which you've never heard of because they never made it. It survives only in scripts available online, and this amazing demo track that the team at Rocky Radio managed to snag to play once (hence the call sign in the middle). It's almost certainly O'Brien himself singing it, and damn if it isn't catchy as all getout.

9. Taylor Swift, "I'd Lie"

I haven't been able to find any solid information why this tune, obviously recorded around the time of Swift's first album, has never been released. It's a phenomenal tune about unrequited love that's ruined only slightly by the fact it is probably about a freakin' Jonas brother. That's why I like this video tribute to the Doctor and Martha using it to balance that fact out.

8. Dead Man's Bones, "Never Grow Old"

Movie-star bands are very hit or miss, but Ryan Gosling's act is extremely clever. They've only released one album, 2009's self-titled LP, and it didn't have this clever little dark ditty featuring a children's chorus on it. It's only been seen live. Here's hoping we'll get another album featuring it in the future.

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