The 10 Best Texans-Bengals Rapper Tweets

The 2014 Houston Texans have a new coach, new players, new hope and the same dedicated fan base of Houston-based rappers. As in years past, they took to Twitter on game day to comment on the home team's gridiron action.

And, as in years past, Rocks Off spent Sunday afternoon reading their game day tweets. Good thing, too. As has been the case over more than half the season, the tweets were more entertaining than the Texans. The team's sixth loss against five wins came at the hands of Andy Dalton, A.J. Green and the rest of the Cincinnati Bengals -- but mostly Dalton and Green. On a day when even J.J. Watt couldn't score a touchdown for the offense, that was enough in a 22-13 contest that wasn't as close as it sounds.

10. The Retractable Roof At NRG Was a Waste of Money

9. Please Come Back, Kareem Jackson. We Didn't Mean All Those Things We Said About You.

8. Andre Johnson Joins The Top 10. #alltimegreat

7. When, Indeed?

6. Bengals 9, Texans 3 at the Half. Still Not As Close As It Seemed.

5. J. Jo to the House! #theloneTD

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4. No Such Thing, Indeed!

3. But No One's Quicker Getting To a Missed Tackle...

2. I Agree, @MrLuke713. A Penalty Flag Should Be Thrown Against the Guilty Party When This Occurs.

1. No Answered Prayers Today


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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.