The inevitable return of Brian Hoyer
The inevitable return of Brian Hoyer
Screenshots by Jesse Sendejas, Jr.

The 10 Most Embarrassed Texans-Falcons Rapper Tweets

The Houston Texans’ 2015 season began with HBO’s Hard Knocks introducing the team to America at large. It took a month of filming and some fancy editing to present to the nation our sometimes thrilling and frequently frustrating NFL franchise. Home Box Office could have saved all that time and money by just directing the curious to the Twitter accounts of Houston’s most notorious rappers. Keeping a tradition alive, we’ve once again collected some of the most insightful Tweets these artists/Texans fans shared on game day. Here's how they saw yesterday's blowout loss to the Atlanta Falcons, in which Ryan Mallett fired more bullets into the ground than a six-year-old handling a shotgun, thus facilitating the return of lesser evil Brian Hoyer:

10. Welcome Back, Arian!

9. @DJ AudiTory Goes Schopenhauer to Explain the Misery of Being a Texans Fan

8. With All Due Respect To @WillieDLIVE, As Silkk Tha Shocker Once Said, "It Ain't My Fault" #dontblamethefans

7. Because here's why...

No worm is safe from a concussive head injury when Mallett is at QB
No worm is safe from a concussive head injury when Mallett is at QB

6. Even The Local College Team Was Piling On   #notcoolCoogs

5.  Talking Offseason Four Weeks Into the Season Is Never a Good Sign

4. @DJAudiTory Goes Emeril To Explain The Misery of Being a Texans Fan #boudin

3. The Last Play of the Game Was a Fumble For Another Falcons Score  #ohtheshame

2. Hey, But At Least This Happened!!!  #CrushCity

1. @DJAudiTory Goes Ferris Bueller On Texans Fans Hanging Around Way Past the Obvious Ending

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