The 10 Most Hilariously Awful Wrestling Entrance Themes

Last Friday was the 46th birthday of one of my absolute favorite wrestlers, William Regal aka Steve Regal before the WWE instituted its rather bizarre No-More-Steves rule. Not that it matters, his real name is Darren Matthews.

"Regal" is an amazing man, rising to hold more than 60 titles in various promotions from the lowly stance of a carnival wrestler. I was very dismayed when a heart condition derailed a grand uptick in his career in 2004, though he continued sporadic matches up until this year. I highly recommend his book, Walking a Golden Mile because it is wonderful.

That said... I will always remember that he had one of the most ridiculous entrance themes in the history of wrestling, and today we celebrate some of the dumbest scores in his name. Happy Birthday, sir.

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