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The 10 Most Inspired Texans-Jets Rapper Tweets

The Houston Texans’ 2015 season began with HBO’s Hard Knocks introducing the team to America at large. It took a month of filming and some fancy editing to present to the nation our sometimes thrilling and frequently frustrating NFL franchise, but Home Box Office could have saved all that time and money by just directing the curious to the Twitter accounts of Houston’s most notorious rappers. Keeping a tradition alive, we’ve once again collected some of the most insightful Tweets these artists/Texans fans shared on game day.

Here's how they saw Sunday's inventive, inspired and rousing win against the New York Jets. One of the league's leading defenses was no match for the play-calling of George Godsey, the Texans' beleaguered offensive coordinator. Never mind that no one has been asked to do so much with so little since they gave that one fellow some water and asked him to fill all the wine goblets with a nice Merlot, but it didn't hurt that Godsey can draw up plays to DeAndre Hopkins. If Nuk lost his arm tomorrow in a thresher or from a shark attack — or from a shark attacking with a thresher — he'd still be in my fantasy lineup next week getting one-armed points.

10. No One Expected This, Including the Jets

9. No Island Has Ever Been Nuked This Badly Before.  #okaymaybethatonce  #toosoon
8. Optimism Setting Stuck On 'Cautious'...But the Dial Is Starting to Turn
7.  Godsey Playcalling > Coach Klein's Plays to Win the Bourbon Bowl
6. Good Vibes
5. Andre Johnson's Heir Is Out-Johnsoning Johnson
4. And, Speaking of Johnson...
3. You Had One Job, Falcons

2. Fitz Went Fitz

1. This Is Getting Fun.  #whonext   #whodat

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