The 10 Most Popular Rocks Off Posts of 2011

Each December we take a moment to reflect back on the writing of the year, looking at those posts that seem to most fervently stir the hearts and imaginations of our readers. This year, you guys were really, really into films, soundtracks and music documentaries. There were also a couple of stories that appealed to the hipster in all of us. And now, we present, the most popular Rocks Off posts of 2011 (so far).

10. Slutwave: Pop Phenomenon Or Feminist Scourge? -- We were fervently proud to take an introspective stab at the new, curiously named micro-genre that 2010 bestowed upon us: Slutwave.

9. The Best Summer Movie Soundtracks Of The '90s -- One of the best things about growing up in the '90s was the movie-soundtrack industry.

8. 10 Things You May Not Know About KISS -- We asked Jarod Frank of Sunsett Stripperz, an '80s hair-metal tribute band, to help us with this list, so as not to run too terribly afoul of the super-fans that KISS has amassed.

7. Charlie Sheen: A Playlist Full Of Winning -- The social media Hiroshima that was Charlie Sheen's life led us to join the party by making our own playlist of Sheen songs.

6. 35 Bands You Should Never, Ever Search On Google Images -- we wanted to find out more about Alligator Assassins, except we couldn't quite remember their name. Somehow Rocks Off had gotten in our heads that they were called Alligator Attack, and thus struck out searching for them online - but not before thinking, "I bet it would be really gnarly if we looked up 'Alligator Attack' on Google Images."

5. The 25 Most Influential Music Videos Of All Time -- There once was a golden age, when with every clip that you watched could spark a revolution in you, or at least change your fashion sense.

4. 10 Uncool Artists Primed For Hipster Rediscovery -- We have to wonder: how will many elder rocksmen, traditionally seen as lame by previous generations, appeal to today's modern hipster?

3. Graphic: Which Indie-Rock Band Should You Join? -- ​So you've been playing shows around town, you've got a decent following, and the local buzz about your talents is strong. Your 7" singles have been getting good reviews in the local press, and you're considering a national tour. The only problem: It's a lot for just one person to take on. You need to join a band.

2. The 31 Best Music Documentaries Of All Time -- Two of our favorite of all-time are The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years, and The Beatles Anthology. We can watch both on repeat for days and not complain.

1. The Best Concert Movies Of All Time -- Elvis Presley, had his time to shine in 1970's That's The Way It Is. If anyone ever tries to belittle the amount of love that the King got back in his heyday, show them this glimpse into what it was like to see him live post-'68 comeback.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.