The 11 Best Draped-Up Dirty South Songs Ever

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Draped up and dripped out, know what I'm talkin' 'bout?

Much like Bun B, who wrote those lyrics, you do know what I'm talkin' 'bout. And you also know that all things draped up and dripped out are badass, especially when they are songs from the dirty south.

Whether it's swangin' and bangin' or sippin' on some sizzurp, those legendary rappers from the south knows just how to get down. Happy trunk-poppin' Throwback Thursday, y'all. Just make sure to swang to the left, aight?

11. "Barre Baby," Big Moe As a member of the Original Screwed Up Click, Big Moe was all about that purple drank. From the late Dirty South rapper's 2000 debut album, City of Syrup, "Barre Baby" is a prime example, but still only one of his many odes to the sizzurp. He really was a "Southside living legend," who passed away from a heart attack in 2007 at the very young age of 33.

Luckily, before he gained those big old purple promethazine wings in the sky, Moe left us this little ditty. "Barre Baby" is definitely one of the best old-school Dirty South odes around. #RIPBigMoe

10. "Sittin' Sideways," Paul Wall Good old Paul Wall will always be the undisputed king of the parking lot in our book, and part of that is due to this good old Screwston song. It pains us to say that "Sittin' Sideways," with its many nods to our fine city, is in any way a throwback jam. It feels like Mr. Wall put it out just yesterday.

9. "Southside," Lil KekeTexas from the South, and Louisiana from the South...

If you're from Houston, chances are pretty darn good you know local rap legend Lil Keke's Houston anthem. As you should. It's an old-school H-town staple, and just so happens to be one of the best songs Keke has ever put out. Doesn't hurt that he's descended from Houston rap royalty, the Screwed up Click, but even if he weren't, everybody should still be doing the Southside, Southside. Yeah.

8. "Wanna Be a Baller," Lil Troy Troy Lane Birklett, better known as Lil Troy, is the Houston rapper who brought us this Dirty South staple. Taken from the 1999 album Sittin' Fat Down South, "Wanna Be a Baller" was, like, e'rybody's song back in the day. Although Troy failed to follow it up with a song of equal success, this massive jam did fine all by its lonesome with RIAA-certified sales of more than 1.5 million copies. We're pretty sure Troy is still one happy baller, shot-caller.

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7. "Still Tippin'," Mike Jones, Slim Thug & Paul Wall "Still Tippin" was the first official single from Mike Jones' album Who Is Mike Jones?, which was released back in 2004 with a little help from a man named Paul Wall. The song pulled a refrain from one of Slim Thug's songs, which only helped add to its H-town cred.

But even if you remove the two other Houston legends from this equation, Jones' song can stand on its own. Gucci shades up on my braids when I Escalade? That shit is pure genius and you know it.

6. "Tops Drop," Fat Pat It's pretty obvious that the Original Screwed Up Click is going to dominate the majority of this list, but it's for a reason. Fat Pat was not a member of the SUC, but he was a member of DEA -- Dead End Alliance -- with his brother John "Big Hawk" Hawkins, DJ Screw, and Kay-K, all original members of the Screwed Up Click, so it still counts.

But SUC or not, Pat put out one of the very best Dirty South anthems ever when he dropped "Tops Drop," which edges out "Body Roc" or "Ghetto Dreams." "Tops Drop" only wins by a candy-paint drip because ultimately, all Fat Pat's songs were legit.

5. "Knockin' Pictures Off Da Wall," Yungstar Man, we're not sure what happened to Yungstar, but this song from the 2000 album Throwed Yung Playa could not be more fucking genius. It pulls a sample of Kris Kross' "Da Streets Ain't Right," which just so happens to be the same tune that provided the beat for DJ Screw's "June 27" freestyle track. Yungstar had everyone beatin' down the block, knockin' pictures off da wall with a song that's Houston through and through.

Don't believe us? Throw it on and your trunk will be rattling the right proper way at all those traffic lights. Just make sure you tilt your seat back a bit so no one laughs at your head-bobbing, please.

4. "Front, Back & Side to Side," UGK This Port Arthur duo represents everything we love about Southern rappers. Bun B and Pimp C (RIP) may not be from H-town, but it still doesn't get much better than "Front, Back & Side to Side." Released in 1994 on Super Tight, UGK's second studio album, the song contains samples of "Rigor Mortis" by the Meters and "Boyz-N-The-Hood (Remix)" by Eazy-E, and while those influences may be obvious, this song is draped up and Dirty South in every way possible, daddy.

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3. "Swang," Trae & Big HAWK "Swang," Trae's slow-as-syrup track off his 2006 album Restless, featured not only Big HAWK, but Pimp C and Fat Pat too. That sloooow, dreamlike hook has become synonymous with Houston rap, and for good reason. HAWK's verse also serves as a truck-popping ode to Houston legend Fat Pat; when he talks about popping DJ Screw's tape in the deck, the whole thing is just ridiculously sad. It's even moreso when you consider HAWK was also gunned down shortly after recording this song.

2. "Swangin' & Bangin'," ESG ESG, or Cedric Hill as his mama knows him, is one of the OGs of all things chopped and screwed. He's also from Houston, and just so happened to put out "Swangin' & Bangin'" on 1994 debut album Ocean of Funk. Listen to it and you'll know why "Swangin'" is on this list. It's fucking legit.

1. "Pocket Full of Stones," UGK Hey, hey, motherfuckers. It's UGK, who we have already established is the fuckin' best, and not just because we secretly hope Bun B will run for Mayor of Houston. It's also because we cannot, in good conscience, deny any song with a Pimp C line that says, "Back in the days they used to run up sayin', 'Pimp C, what ya know?' I tell em get this crack and get the fuckawayfrommehoe."

That just so happens to be our favorite line to sing ever, Dirty South or not. But then throw in the monkey nuts reference and, well, we look like an idiot, rapping along at stoplights with no shame at all.


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