The 12 Best Songs in '80s Movies

For many of us Generation X and Y-ers, much of our adolescence can be directly linked back to '80s cinema. Thanks to writers and directors like John Hughes, '80s teen movies were accurate depictions of suburban (non) happenings. Furthermore, the '80s were a special time in film history thanks to movies' soundtracks.

Sure, sometimes it dawns on us, now twenty years later -- usually when we catch a rare late-night cable-friendly showing of our former favorite '80s flick on TBS or when someone decided to remake Footloose -- how downright corny most of the dialogue and song montages were, but we appreciate them just the same. Here are some of our favorite songs in '80s movies.

12. Bananarama, "Cruel Summer," from The Karate Kid: Because getting jumped by a herd of karate-fighting, skeleton costume-wearing black-belt assholes makes for a cruel summer, indeed.

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Neph Basedow
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