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The 15 Best Bill Graham Presents Posters And Artwork

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We found about 10 of the best posters from Graham's heyday for you to gander at. Some of these are nearly unintelligible, not unlike some black-metal fonts. The lineups are great too. Can you imagine seeing The Doors open for the Young Rascals in 1967?

It's also fun to see which bands meshed together back in the day, and how their modern fans would kill each other today. The MC5 opening for Jethro Tull? Sure.

A lot of these posters actually advertised residency shows. Most bands would play up to three-night stands in San Francisco before moving on to other cities. Now that's a rarity reserved for people like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

Grahams' company, Bill Graham Presents, is also a distant corporate cousin to today's concert giant Live Nation.

We consulted a great site, Classic Posters, for all these works, which are all on sale. The prices are pretty high for the originals, but you can more than likely find decent-priced reproductions.

Fillmore Auditorium 7/15-16, 1966 Artist: Wes Wilson Performers: Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead

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